It’s not the young but people in middle age who need to have an experience of numinous to help them negotiate the second half of their lives. ~ Carl Jung

A year of pandemic lockdown forced many of us to re-exam how we live our lives, and we realized how fragile and vulnerable human lives truly are. After experiencing numerous illnesses and deaths among our friends and family members during the year of lockdown, we were tired, worn out, and exhausted. We started asking ourselves how we could reignite the joy in our lives, and how to return to our authentic selves after a multidecade of juggling between career and family.

The farm, Beez & Lavender Farm, is now the place where we live, play, and work. This 27-acre private land is surrounded by scenic mountains, rolling hills, creeks, orchards, forests, and gardens that we now call home. It’s a place where we connect with nature, and nurture our souls; a place where we share joy with friends and families.

Art and education are our driving passions. Beez & Lavender is happy to support local school and charity fundraisers, as well as artist workshops, by providing a venue at no cost. We believe that art and education are essential to our spirituality and humanity.